[Yum] Retrieving packages from Red Hat Network

Jim Wildman jawildman at rossberry.com
Wed Dec 10 22:03:40 UTC 2003

On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Ian Masterson wrote:

> Unfortunately, we'd have the same problem as running 'up2date -d'. The RHN
> proxy only caches those packages which have been requested by clients. It
> doesn't seem to be any easier to get all packages from an RHN proxy than
> it is to do the same directly from RHN.

So grab an old box, put 'everything' on it and register it.  Or
designate one of your newer boxes for the same purpose.  And mark, 'save
packages after installation' and 'retrieve source rpms'.

Jim Wildman, CISSP, RHCE                                jim at rossberry.com

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