[Yum] Retrieving packages from Red Hat Network

Ian Masterson ian at ssli-mail.ee.washington.edu
Tue Dec 9 23:02:14 UTC 2003

We made the decision to purchase and deploy RHEL and are now faced with a
problem which hasn't been discussed here since a brief thread in July. I'm
hoping someone has devised a clever solution since then...

The only way to get errata binary packages for RHEL is via Red Hat
Network. Up2date is all fine and good, but yum does exactly what we want.
Since we can no longer simply mirror Red Hat's errata packages using ftp
or rsync, our only options seem to be:

- Use' up2date -d' on one computer to download RPMs without installing
them and copy these into our yum repositories. Unfortunately, we'd end up
with only the packages that particular system needed and I'd like our
repositories to be complete.


- Manually download each new package from rhn.redhat.com, or possibly
write a script to extract package names from the errata lists and fetch
the appropriate files.

Are there other options I've missed, or is this the best we can do?


Ian Masterson
Dept. of Electrical Engineering (SSLI)
University of Washington, Seattle

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