[Yum] Install .src.rpm packages with yum

Josep M. websurfer_email at yahoo.es
Tue Dec 9 16:28:51 UTC 2003


I have an small idea of how do this,I´m doing an script for maintain a full repository (one or more 
repositories) with one  command and this is the only part that I don´t have,I have an idea of how 
do and I will test ,my idea is have a full repository in a server machine with the minimum packages 
and my script will install all required compile package and uninstall packages,patches to apply to 
the srpm and build options for each package.90% of work is done.

This is not hard to do,I think,I have some untested ideas for, I will do in first days if is possible.


Begin of Quote Robert G. Brown :
>On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Josep M. Gassó wrote:
>> Hello All.
>> I would like ask if is possible install .src.rpm
>> packages with Yum, I tried but was not successful,my
>> things are for build packages automatically,install
>> the .src.rpm and all packages required for build the
>> package and after build this with rpmbuild.
>> Any advice will be apreciated
>This is a feature that has been requested and suggested several times,
>and will likely one day happen (perhaps driven by the CaOSity folks,
>perhaps driven by somebody else on the list).  It isn't a high priority
>to Seth and Michael at the moment as they are working on some critical
>design changes that will completely alter how header info is handled,
>making yum much more efficient and scalable and possibly even
>establishing a linux-wide base standard for package header information.
>The pieces to do all of this are largely there, but assembling them and
>testing them will be a fairly major job and may have to be redone in
>part at least after S&M (kicky combo, that:-) finish the new header
>stuff.  I personally am one of the suggesters, and think it would be
>simply lovely if one could install a very basic basic system by the
>means of your choice (kickstart, network copy of a root image template
>via a ramdisk boot, whatever) that contained yum and the core
>development package and feed yum a package list which it then proceeded
>to build and install.
>However, I should note that such a tool will likely NOT be integrated
>with yum itself as the toplevel user interface.  Just as yum-sync now
>exists as a contributed yum package, and who knows, maybe yum-extra-docs
>will exist as a contributed yum package if I ever finish its components,
>so we will likely see yum-build as an extra contributed package.
>IF I EVER get my many other waterfowl lined up in a queue and get a bit
>ahead of the quackers, I might tackle this myself, but I have a couple
>of other projects (even in yum) in line before this (docs and a tool to
>generate a compact kickstart group/package list).  Neither of these has
>had any work for a week, but my teaching is ALMOST finished per semester
>and I'm hoping to just have scads of time on my hands for the next three
>weeks (hah!).
>My next duck, however, is a Cluster Mag deadline ma\~na\~na, and <sigh>
>I suppose I need to be accessible to my students for the next two days,
>since their final exam is Wednesday night...;-)
>   rgb
>> Thanks
>> Josep
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