[Yum] Install .src.rpm packages with yum

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Dec 9 13:30:16 UTC 2003

On Tue, 9 Dec 2003, Josep M. Gassó wrote:

> Hello All.
> I would like ask if is possible install .src.rpm
> packages with Yum, I tried but was not successful,my
> things are for build packages automatically,install
> the .src.rpm and all packages required for build the
> package and after build this with rpmbuild.
> Any advice will be apreciated

This is a feature that has been requested and suggested several times,
and will likely one day happen (perhaps driven by the CaOSity folks,
perhaps driven by somebody else on the list).  It isn't a high priority
to Seth and Michael at the moment as they are working on some critical
design changes that will completely alter how header info is handled,
making yum much more efficient and scalable and possibly even
establishing a linux-wide base standard for package header information.

The pieces to do all of this are largely there, but assembling them and
testing them will be a fairly major job and may have to be redone in
part at least after S&M (kicky combo, that:-) finish the new header
stuff.  I personally am one of the suggesters, and think it would be
simply lovely if one could install a very basic basic system by the
means of your choice (kickstart, network copy of a root image template
via a ramdisk boot, whatever) that contained yum and the core
development package and feed yum a package list which it then proceeded
to build and install.

However, I should note that such a tool will likely NOT be integrated
with yum itself as the toplevel user interface.  Just as yum-sync now
exists as a contributed yum package, and who knows, maybe yum-extra-docs
will exist as a contributed yum package if I ever finish its components,
so we will likely see yum-build as an extra contributed package.

IF I EVER get my many other waterfowl lined up in a queue and get a bit
ahead of the quackers, I might tackle this myself, but I have a couple
of other projects (even in yum) in line before this (docs and a tool to
generate a compact kickstart group/package list).  Neither of these has
had any work for a week, but my teaching is ALMOST finished per semester
and I'm hoping to just have scads of time on my hands for the next three
weeks (hah!).

My next duck, however, is a Cluster Mag deadline ma\~na\~na, and <sigh>
I suppose I need to be accessible to my students for the next two days,
since their final exam is Wednesday night...;-)


> Thanks
> Josep
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