[Yum] Reinstalling Fedora and yum re-downloads updates

Rafa Quintanilla rafael_quintanilla_perez at yahoo.es
Tue Dec 9 09:25:33 UTC 2003

Hi members of the list,

I don't know whether this is a bug in yum, fedora, or
it's just me not doing something properly.
The case is I had fedora installed with a buch of
updates installed (and all the information about
headers and rpm's stored in /var/cache/yum.
As I had a problem in my fedora configuration I
decideed to reinstall , keeping a copy of
/var/cache/yum in another linux partition. I
reinstalled, and copied all the folder with its
contests to /var/cache/yum.
After a 'yum update', yum downladed again all the
headers, and the rpms that were already in that

Any ideas of what I did wrong?


Rafa Quintanilla

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