[Yum] Multiple machines & timeliness of updates.

Aleksander Demko ademko at shaw.ca
Mon Dec 8 19:49:59 UTC 2003

On Sun, 7 Dec 2003, Harvey J. Stein wrote:

> "nathan r. hruby" <nhruby at uga.edu> writes:
> That's an idea.  The only thing is that this will download more than I
> need, mirroring everything in the update directory instead of just
> pulling down updates for packages I have installed.  I guess I could
> only mirror the things I need, but that'd effectively be doing yum
> check-update | xargs wget ; yum-arch ; yum update, in which case, why
> not just tweak yum a little so that it stores downloaded RPMs in a way
> that's compatible with yum-arch, or at least so that the cache can be
> shared?

That's exactly what my yum-sync script does. Check it out at:


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