[Yum] Multiple machines & timeliness of updates.

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sun Dec 7 19:44:53 UTC 2003

> This works fine with up2date because it doesn't store machine specific
> stuff in /var/spool/up2date.  I understand this won't work with yum
> because yum does put machine specific stuff in the same dir that it
> downloads the RPMs to.

huh. What are you talking about? have you looked in /var/cache/yum?

Do you know what's in there? It's got a directory for each of your
repositories listed in your yum.conf file.

Then it has packages and headers that your machine downloaded in those
directories in subdirs.

you could run yum-arch /var/cache/yum and make it into a yum repository
if you wanted to. No problem.

> Yes.  Does anyone know of any public yum servers which run yum-arch
> immediately after the mirror process runs?

The reason dulug has not done this in the past is that the machine is
fairly over-taxed. We have a new machine that is being setup for our new
mirror server. When it comes online we will do this.


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