[Yum] What to do if rpm download hangs

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat Dec 6 09:03:47 UTC 2003

> What I did the first time was hit ctrl-c, wait 15 seconds, hit ctrl-c 
> again. At that point the download appeared to restart and complete. Then 
> yum exited. Without thinking, I ran yum update again and the new rpms 
> were installed. Everything worked fine. But, I realized that the new rpm 
> files had not been tested by yum.

the rpms ALWAYS get tested. Part of the downloading process is a
consistency and signature check on the packages. If the consistency
check hadn't succeeded then you would have redownloaded the packages

> All of which is background for questions:
> 1. how long will yum wait for a stalled download to complete?
it will retry the download up to 6 times (by default) time it waits is
dependent on tcp timeouts and what not.

> 2. what's the proper user reaction to this situation?

you did pretty much the right thing, kill it.


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