[Yum] question on yum.conf

Nielsen, Steve SNielsen at comscore.com
Fri Dec 5 20:37:53 UTC 2003

I have my yum repository setup as follows:

  RedHat/   (all Redhat 7.3 RPMS with updates merged in)
  internal/ (rpms created internally or downloaded from 3rdparty)
  headers/  (yum headers)

I want to maintain a test area as well i.e.:

   updates/rh/ (nighly rsynced redhat updates (before merging))
   internal/   (internal new ones before merging)
   headers/    (yum headers)

I use yum 1.03 (because of redhat 7.3).

My question is can I configure yum.conf to hold both areas:


And tell it via command line to run against "distro" (normal stable stuff).
Then if I want to test upgrade a machine tell it to go against "newstuff" ?
Or do I have to have different config files and switch among them via the -c command
line switch ?

Basically what I am after is by default having machiens update against the golden
archive and a few machines update against the new RPMs so I can test before
pushing to my golden area.


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