[Yum] Multiple machines & timeliness of updates.

Kerry Cox kerry.cox at ksl.com
Fri Dec 5 16:49:13 UTC 2003

Sweet. That's all I needed to know.
It sounds a lot simpler than the convoluted instructed on the
freshrpms.net site that describes setting up an apt-get repository. Of
course, I hadn't had time to try it out either.
This looks to be a fun project next week (just as soon as I finish my
dissertation). Thanks much.

On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 09:42, Hedemark, Magnus wrote:
> Kerry Cox [mailto:kerry.cox at ksl.com] asks:
> > Setting up a yum repository or something similar is something I have
> > been meaning to do a long time. Are there any good texts out 
> > there that
> > explain how? 
> It's cake.
> 1) Identify a Linux box to act as your repository server.
> 2) Install ftp or http server software to grant clients access to your
> repository.
> 3) Install the yum suite on the server.
> 4) Mirror the RPM's that you want to host.  For example:
> 	rsync -aqH --delete mirror.physics.ncsu.edu::redhat/linux/9/en/os/
> /local/path/to/redhat/9/base/
> 5) "yum-arch /local/path/to/redhat/9/base/"
> 6) Share this path through ftp or http.  Set up your yum clients to point to
> this path.

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