[Yum] Multiple machines & timeliness of updates.

Hedemark, Magnus mhedemark at trueposition.com
Fri Dec 5 16:42:40 UTC 2003

Kerry Cox [mailto:kerry.cox at ksl.com] asks:

> Setting up a yum repository or something similar is something I have
> been meaning to do a long time. Are there any good texts out 
> there that
> explain how? 

It's cake.

1) Identify a Linux box to act as your repository server.
2) Install ftp or http server software to grant clients access to your
3) Install the yum suite on the server.
4) Mirror the RPM's that you want to host.  For example:
	rsync -aqH --delete mirror.physics.ncsu.edu::redhat/linux/9/en/os/
5) "yum-arch /local/path/to/redhat/9/base/"
6) Share this path through ftp or http.  Set up your yum clients to point to
this path.

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