[Yum] Multiple machines & timeliness of updates.

Hedemark, Magnus mhedemark at trueposition.com
Fri Dec 5 16:03:05 UTC 2003

Harvey J. Stein [mailto:hjstein at covad.net] said:

[stuff about downloading packages only once for multiple machines]

There are two good ways to do this:

1) Create a local mirror of the yum repository on your LAN.  For only two
machines this might be overkill.
2) Set up a squid caching proxy, and bump up the values so it retains large
files (and lots of them).  Point your yum clients through the squid proxy.
First machine to request a package downloads it over the Internet.
Subsequent clients grab it from cache.

The second option requires less storage capacity on one server than a full
repository, and will automagically purge packages that are no longer needed.
If I were only doing 2 clients I'd give that option a try.


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