[Yum] Dulug down?

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Dec 5 15:32:45 UTC 2003

> I have this in the yum.conf:
> distroverpkg=redhat-release
> and this in /etc/redhat-release:
> Fedora Core release 1 (Yarrow).
> Yum worked yesterday but since I upgraded about an hour ago to the
> latest released version, I get the error.
> Does this help? Am I missing something? I have not made any changes to
> the files since install.

You upgraded to fedora core 1. You need to modify your /etc/yum.conf to
point to the fedora repositories.

look in /etc/ for a yum.conf.rpmnew

that should have the new repos in it.


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