[Yum] how do I ignore failed dependencies???

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Dec 4 22:18:35 UTC 2003

> Woah there...I'm not asking you to change your religion there.  Just 
> wanted to know if this was a technical reason or design philosophy.  Now I 
> know.

It's both in fact. For technical reasons enabling those options will
make parts of the process of writing the package updater much harder.
>From a design perspective it is just not terribly useful for the user to
be allowed to potentially break their system.

> The problem is with Red Hat as a company.  There is no support for RH9 -> 
> EL3 officially from Red Hat.  There is the uber backdoor anaconda command 
> "upgradeany" that will allow it to happen but Red Hat claims this voids 
> all support.  Support doesn't matter to me but I'm just a bit miffed that 
> up until now you were expected to be able to upgrade from the Mother's day 
> release and now all of a sudden you're g f'd.  I blame it on money making 
> schemes but whatever.

There's a lot of complexity to upgrading from ANY release to the current
one. I'm not commenting on red hat's policies. I don't work for them and
it's not really an issue. but I know some stuff about what anaconda has
to do and some of it is VERY hard if the base is old enough.


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