[Yum] how do I ignore failed dependencies???

Jeremy Hansen jeremy at methanesea.com
Thu Dec 4 22:01:16 UTC 2003

On 4 Dec 2003, seth vidal wrote:

> > Ok...uh, I'm assuming there's a good reason for this, right?  Don't tell 
> > me it's for the same reasons you can't upgrade Red Hat 9 to EL3 --- 
> > because it's for your own good.
> b/c I'm not going to write a program that lets the user shoot him or her
> self in the foot. That was not the point of yum and it won't be the
> point of yum. This has been a hard and fast rule for a long time and I'm
> not waivering on this one.

Woah there...I'm not asking you to change your religion there.  Just 
wanted to know if this was a technical reason or design philosophy.  Now I 

> Yum should be  able to upgrade you from RHL9 to EL3. If you're having
> that problem I'd love to hear what problems you're running into.

The problem is with Red Hat as a company.  There is no support for RH9 -> 
EL3 officially from Red Hat.  There is the uber backdoor anaconda command 
"upgradeany" that will allow it to happen but Red Hat claims this voids 
all support.  Support doesn't matter to me but I'm just a bit miffed that 
up until now you were expected to be able to upgrade from the Mother's day 
release and now all of a sudden you're g f'd.  I blame it on money making 
schemes but whatever.

The "Ambassador" or Red Hat told me the reason was because it would have 
taken "too many hours" to do the work to make it a successful upgrade.  
Right.  Hours spend on allow people to upgrade their machines and not 
having to start over sounds like a waste of time to me.


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