[Yum] help with commandline option naming

Troy Dawson dawson at fnal.gov
Mon Apr 28 14:19:53 UTC 2003

Hi Seth,
Connie was out sick, and I had e-mail trouble, sorry for the delay.
To me this looks very nice.  It is a little different than we expected, we 
sortof just expect the rpm's to be listed, but I like the way you list the 
groups, then rpm's.

It does get a little messy when you have groups with 'mandatory groups' 
'default groups' and 'optional metagkgs', and then Mandatory Packages' and 
Default packages'
While I, as a group maintainer like that, I think your average sys-admin is 
just wondering what groups and packages are going to be installed if they 
install that group.

Here's an example of a messy group
Group: OSS
  Required Groups:
    Openafs Client
    Dialup Networking Support
    X Window System
    Sound and Video
    Fermi Kerberos
    Administration Tools
    Openssh Server
    Printing Support
    Text-based Internet
    Graphical Internet
    Fermi Desktop Large Onsite
  Default Metapkgs:
    Development Tools
  Optional Metapkgs:
    Openssh Server
    Kernel Development
    GNOME Desktop Environment
  Mandatory Packages:
  Default Packages:

Is there any way we could just say 'groups' and 'packages', I think that would 
make things more clear, but that is just my opinion.
I'll let Connie say what she thinks, she should be in today.

seth vidal wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-04-17 at 11:23, csieh wrote:
>>So last week I was looking at what I thought yum still needed in the
>>shortterm.  I saw that the list group contents was not there yet but on
>>your todo list.  So I decided to look at writing a little patch to just
>>show the rpms in a group.  Since I wanted to change as little as possible
>>I decided to put the code in the "grouplist groupname" area.  Right now if
>>you do a "yum grouplist "FTP Server"" you get back
>>FTP Server
> Connie,
>  I never heard back from you - does yum grouplist now do what you wanted
> it to do?
> -sv
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