[Yum] [rfe] yum-arch force create headers,headers/headers.info on empty dir

nathan r. hruby nathan at drama.uga.edu
Fri Apr 25 14:16:53 UTC 2003

On Fri, 25 Apr 2003, Troy Dawson wrote:

> Hi, We've ran into this problem as well, but found that changing our
> scripts fixed the problem, as well as gave us a double check ... well
> ... at least if solved the problem. We didn't worry about it because I
> can see lots of times where I accidently point yum-arch at the wrong
> directory, and if it automatically made a 'headers' directory and a
> header.info, that might accidently mess something up, or at least leave
> clutter. But if Seth want's to put a force option on, that would be fine
> with me. Incase you were wondering, for our automated yum-arch's this is
> a snip from the script that we use.

I'm not the dude to maintains the mirror, just the dude who convinced the
dude to switch to yum from "the thing" we had before.  Utimately adding
this logic to the mirroring script is what the dude did and it's not hard 
to do :)  Dude!

Though I still see utility of having yum-arch 'do the right thing' when 
asked to (not by default) which would make things a bit simpler for 
scripting and also for people who might wanna just create and empty 
archives easily.  There's also the case where should yum's headers/ 
contents change, then all scripts would need to be tweaked to account for 
it as opposed to yum-arch jsut seamlessly making the change for me 
everywhere :)

Minimally, I think Seth's idea to have a specific exit code for bailing 
due to no rpm's is valuable jsut for writing more exact scripts.

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