[Yum] misc items

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Apr 25 05:11:14 UTC 2003

 a few miscellaneous items:

1. I uploaded some scripts I wrote that are handy for looking at pkgs
and checking things on them

2. you'll note a new link on the left hand side of the webpage.
viewcvs is available for accessing the cvs tree - it is an rsync of the
cvs tree taken at fairly regular intervals. sorry but I still am not
comfortable with pserver's security - so a Readonly cvs is the best I
can offer


3. This of course means public cvs is available too:
    CVSROOT= :pserver:anonymous at devel.linux.duke.edu:/cvsroot/yum/cvs/
    you can get the available branches from viewcvs.

4. I'd like to encourage y'all to use bugzilla to file request and if
it's an idea you think bears discussion then please bring it up here.
the discussion that has been crossposted b/t here and the kickstart-list
has been interesting to me.


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