[Yum] yum and firewalls again

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Apr 23 14:42:29 UTC 2003

> Well, I just tried ftp from my home machine which is behind an
> iptables-based nat-int firewall.  I KNOW active FTP isn't going to
> work from there.  From this I conclude that urllib2 uses passive ftp
> (as I suspected).  It leaves me at a loss as to what the problem could
> be with yum/urlgrabber/urllib2.
> As I said, I'd be willing to pursue this if you think it's a problem
> on "our end".  I recommend you start with these two things:
> 1) use some other ftp client from that machine to grab the same file
> 2) use urlgrabber directly to grab it, as in
>   python2 urlgrabber.py ftp://server.com/path/to/file local_copy
> See what happens with those.

I bet he's using 1.0 - which doesn't have urlgrabber, yet, and doesn't
have urllib2 at all :)


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