[Yum] Updates

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Apr 22 02:26:08 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,
 Some interesting updates and some important things

First - if you're using yum 1.96 - stop - use yum 1.97 - it removes the
private rpmdb macro that was suggested to deal with rpmdb hangs. Making
rpm ignore the locks for the rpmdb is bad, mmkay?

But there's more in 1.97:
 - fixed a problem with multiple archs when dealing with multiple
versions of the same pkg - a long story but the gist is - a dependency
resolution problem was discovered by having some very old pkgs sitting
around with some new ones and having different archs on them. Farkas
Levente uncovered the problem and I eventually got it fixed.

- yum grouplist [group1] [group2] etc
   will list the groups and all the details about the

- yum grouplist will just give you a list of groups

- yum grouplist hidden will make things operate on groups marked as:
  <uservisible>false</uservisible> in the yumgroups.xml file.

- catches were added to urlgrabber for HTTP exceptions of various kinds
- clean ups in yummain and rpmUtils.

In general this version should be much more stable.

Also - yum 1.X will be receiving an update very soon - only a few more
things to apply.
 things that were committed to cvs:
 - $YUM0-$YUM9 variables for the yum.conf file
 - command = for yum.conf [main]
 - $releasever, $basearch, $arch and distroverpkg for yum.conf file
 - checkbootloader.py with support for raid devices was pulled back from
yum 2.x branch
 - fixes in the dep resolution and fixes for yum-arch were applied
 - yum will now only download hdrs for archs useful for your platform -
so no more alpha archs getting downloaded for i386 machines. :)

Stuff left to do before I release 1.0.1:
 - urlgrabber with file:// support
 - update all the docs with details on the above goodies.

Finally, some new meta-yum stuff:

1. bugzilla! - https://devel.linux.duke.edu/bugzilla/ - please file bugs
- let me know how you broke things and post yum debug output here.
2. I've got a snapshot of the cvs tree available via viewcvs right now.
   - a demo can be seen at:    
3. as soon as I get it working safely I'll have anonymous cvs setup
there as well so you people who like to attempt to run the broken code I
sometimes check in, can :)

Sorry this message was so long but clearly it has a lot of info.


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