[Yum] help with commandline option naming

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Apr 17 21:39:11 UTC 2003

> I used pkgTree because it was easy and would get me through my immediate 
> need.   I think more info is good. May have to define
> what a group and subgroup and Metapkg are though. 

right - and that's fine - it just gives more information than what I
think is really true - b/c that group doesn't _really_ include those
pkgs - it just includes them by requirement.

group == the main "type" in the comps.xml
groups can be comprised of:

other groups

groups (aka: <groupreq>) are just other group ids - when a group is
listed inside a <groupreq> it should be considered a mandatory

pkgs - pkgs as members of a group:
3 types of pkgs:
 1. mandatory - these are REQUIRED for a group to be considered
 2. default - these will be installed by "Default" if you select a group
to be installed
 3. optional - these are just extra cruft/frills

 metapkgs are really just groups you include in - they give the option
of "types" for groups.
 so default and optional - just like pkgs
you can consider groupreq's to be like mandatory metapkgs.

For a group to be considered installed it has to qualify the following
 1. it has all of its mandatory pkgs installed
 2. if it has no mandatory pkgs then it is installed if it has "any" of
the pkgs installed

Those are not rules I came up with - these are ones that anaconda and
redhat-config-packages use to determine the installation of a group.

hope this helps.

Connie - one more thing - thanks for the patch - it was appreciated.


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