[Yum] 1.96 is out

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Apr 16 05:11:32 UTC 2003

Hi folks,
 Someone reminded me today that 1.95 has some unhappy-exit-causing bugs
and that maybe a 1.96 was in order. I would agree. I intended to do it
sunday but well, things get put off, don't they :)

1. bugs fixed - yah - a bunch - read back through the archives for what
they are
2. oo look - fhs compliance - /usr/lib -> /usr/share - thanks to Ville
Skyttä for pointing this out
3. clean up the conf file so it has the right variables in it :)

this is all I can think of

still more to do, of course.

right now it's late and I need to sleep.


I'll have a 1.0.1 out before the week is up, then onward and upward, or

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