[Yum] Problem installing multiple rpms

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat Apr 12 21:03:37 UTC 2003

> I guess it depends on what would happen if you then passed the
> transaction to rpm.  If your "pre-rpm transaction" fails, and you then
> pass it to rpm, will that fail too?  If so, there's no point in doing
> it.

If you attempt to install an already installed pkg or upgrade an already
current pkg - yes the rpm transaction will fail.

> Maybe we need a "--use-multiple-rpm-transactions" flag?  Then internally
> use multiple rpm transactions instead of a single one.
> But if we do that, and there's nothing to be gained over doing:
> yum update pkg1
> yum update pkg2
> then I'd suggest just doing nothing.  (I'm not saying there is nothing
> to be gained, I'm hypothicating.)  There's no sense having yum do the
> looping internally unless some speed gain can be realized.  I started
> this thread because I thought yum could do a better job than me in
> looping, perhaps by computing dependencies only in one pass, instead of
> multiple ones.  If that's not the case, then lets leave it like it is.

You could create a new transaction for each but you would lose out in
speed more or less.

Right now from pressing enter to dep resolution is about 6s

I think there are some places where I can trim that but even so - it's

I'm hoping to work on yum some more tomorrow - get a 1.96 out w/all the
bug fixes of this week and work on the checkfunc for downloading stuff

maybe, if everyone is good I'll be able to get something together for
1.0.1 too.


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