[Yum] Problem installing multiple rpms

Farkas Levente lfarkas at bnap.hu
Thu Apr 10 21:28:49 UTC 2003

seth vidal wrote:
>>can you give me an example? I never see (or just not recognize it?)
>>I usualy do kernel and glibc by hand and all other by rpm -Fvh *
> multi archs was one :) iirc it didn't handle them well, maybe it does
> now...

but even in that case yum can do it correctly:-)

>>it's not a solution in a production enviroment! eg in case of kernel you 
>>should have to reboot ASAP since some kernel modul can't loaded if it 
>>just required after the update! another example our samba server 
>>_should_ have to run 24 hour a day it can be stopped on saturday between 
>>20-24. ok I know about exclude but there is a few server on which I 
>>would like to select the packages manualy (since I belive in myself 
>>which is the biggest mistake) but after I select them I'd like to update 
>>them in a branch.
> not really true.
> yum installs kernels, always. It will never update a kernel. So you'd
> never be in that state with yum.

is that documented? or I just don't read something again?

> ie: the modules for old kernels are still there.
> It'd be unsafe to do otherwise.

why? in daemon mode you've got right, but whem I use it manually...?
it's the same as if you said rpm -Uvh kernel-2* would be unsafe.

> you should look into some of the options that people have been coming up
> with.
> what if you had yum use a url for its config file?
> yum -c http://myserver/yum.cgi
> then used the command= option in the conf file to tell it what to do?

ok. you are the maintaner/writer and you can "moderate" suggestions....

> then you could time certain updates for friday or saturday and keep your
> system safe - completely w/o entering an 'excludes' in.
> One thing that is higher on my list of things would be to be able to
> match package updates with "Actions"
> so if yum notices that pkg x changed state it would take an action based
> on the change of state. the action could be a user written script
> sorta like something BEYOND what %post and %pre inside an rpm do.

actualy I don't realy understand it. could you give me an example?

>>this is just a matter of taste, but I'm still lazy:-(((
> join the club - laziness prompted me to write yum ;)

and I already start to write a wrapper shell script around yum with sort 
options:-) these can be done without modify yum...

could you give me an explanation what the update and install exacly 
means in yum? it seems to me some kind of rpm -F -U -i mix...

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