[Yum] how can create repositories

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Thu Apr 10 17:19:25 UTC 2003

> I make sense, but IMHO it a hack and not an ideal solution. especially 
> since you write this program. if some made it in this was than this can 
> be one of the good solution, but in this case ...

I don't think it's a hack - I think it's a reasonable use. but that's
just a perspective difference.

> IMHO it would be good if yum can place the repository in a different 
> directory by design (since most user even you use it in this way). and 
> as I can see there is a header.info file which contains a reference to 
> the rpm files itself. so it would be a useful extension to add a new 
> optional parameter to
> yum-arch <rpm-dir> <repository-dir>
> in this case you can separate the to things, what's more in this case 
> you can create funny thing:-)

How would that help? What if someone put a rpm-dir which is outside of
the relative dir - then they baseurl path would need to be redefined.

Can you give me another example. I may not be understanding your

> another suggestion to add possibility to
> - install scr.rpms

src rpms will be need to be handled differently imo and I don't think it
makes sense to clutter up the yum binary-handling cli with commands for
a mechanism to install src.rpms. Additionally, src.rpm handling while on
my todo list is not a top priority.

> - to use a proxy

it can now - read the man page for yum.


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