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Grigory Bakunov black at asplinux.ru
Wed Oct 23 09:44:39 UTC 2002

On 23 Oct 2002 00:59:38 -0400
seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu> wrote:

SV> Do you know what I love about releases? It's how quickly they make you
SV> find stupid bugs.
SV> In this case andrew schretter pointed out a place where a bad header
SV> would cause a traceback only on 7.x machines.
SV> now it is sorta fixed.
SV> and yes , its dumb.
SV> so its in the daily, test it - tell me if it breaks for you.

Hello Seth.

I test 0.9.3 and current daily on RH 7.3 and doesn't find any differences.
I make a diff and found this:

diff -urN yum/archwork.py yum-0.9.3/archwork.py 
--- yum/archwork.py     Wed Oct 23 08:58:10 2002 
+++ yum-0.9.3/archwork.py       Mon Oct 21 06:00:49 2002 
@@ -21,7 +21,6 @@
     rpm = rpm404
 except ImportError, e:
     import rpm
-    rpm404 = rpm 
 def getArch():

I think it's not a bug - just little unnessesery code :)
So - we realy love what you do! It's a piece of nice software what we use
in every day work. Thanks for your great work :)

PS: We still work on correct i18n realization (it's almost complete).

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