[Yum] yum daily for today

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Oct 18 18:45:48 UTC 2002

Hi folks,
 Another daily - let me know if this does anything surprising:

2002-10-18 14:28  skvidal

   * clientStuff.py, pkgaction.py:
     yum info extras work added groups and arch to the display 
     fields in yum info.

2002-10-18 01:42  skvidal
   * clientStuff.py, pkgaction.py:
     stubs in place for per-server-section gpg-keyrings

2002-10-18 01:35  skvidal
   * clientStuff.py, pkgaction.py:
     made updates only operate on update-able packages.  so 'yum update
     somepkgnotyetinstalled' won't install that package
     also made yum clean headers remove the header.info file as well as
     the .hdr files

2002-10-18 00:56  skvidal

   * pullheaders.py, serverStuff.py:
     yum-arch -l implemented to make yum-arch pay attention to symlinks

The thing I'm most interested in is the change to make yum update only
operate on updates - so it doesn't do installs if the pkg is not already
installed. It shouldn't make any difference at all, but well, I'd like
to make sure :)


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