[Yum] Couple of additional (tiny) feature requests

Andrew Schretter schrett at math.duke.edu
Fri Oct 18 14:11:02 UTC 2002

   A couple of tiny additions would make things work smoother on some
scripts I'm writing.

yum info packagename

does not report {arch} or {group}.  Can you possibly add these to the info
page (at least arch).

I've found its awfully convenient in scripts to just run :

yum info updates

instead of "yum list updates" and then get the info for each one.  but
in list I get arch and in info I don't.  The group info (like
Applications/Financial) would be useful for sorting and the like.

The other request is equally stupid, but I can't seem to get info out 
of yum for the extras packages.

If there is a package that comes up in :

yum list extras

then yum info packagename does not give info on it.

By the way, thanks for adding the links stuff, I'll try testing it out
this week, I like symbolic links better than hard links, hard links make
me nervous.

Andrew Schretter
Systems Programmer, Duke University
Dept. of Mathematics (919) 660-2866

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