[Yum] RPM directory of links

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Oct 18 04:57:00 UTC 2002

On Thu, 2002-10-17 at 16:53, Troy Dawson wrote:
> Howdy Ho,
> About 2 months ago there was a discussion of whether to let yum-arch work on a 
> directory of links or not.  You asked people their opinion because you said it 
> was a simple if/then statement in one section.
> Well, reading through the thread it looks like no-one actually answered that 
> question, and using the almost latest code, it looks like it was never 
> implemented.
> Can I send in a resounding Yes Yes Yes, please make it so that symbolic links 
> work in a repository.

ok so here is what I did.

I added a new flag to yum-arch (-l) which makes yum-arch use symlinks of
rpms if it finds them. The reason I didn't make it the default is b/c I
make use of it ignoring symlinks by default b/c otherwise I'll see a
bunch of dupe pkg lists (has to do with the hierarchy of my installation

anyway - this way you get what you wanted w/just a small shell script

yum-arch -l dir

that will do it.
its been checked into cvs - the next daily and/or release will have it.

speaking of releases I'd like to plan on putting out 0.9.3 this weekend.
I want to sift through a few more patches and get them put in first.


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