[Yum] will wonders never cease

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Oct 14 05:14:33 UTC 2002

Hi all,
 I've got a new daily snapshot up, and no, I'm not dead :)

Been kinda busy though.

new toys in this one:

1. yum list extras - lists all pkgs installed that aren't in any
available repository

2. a bad header causes a real, sensible error and exits nicely.

3. the disk space check returns an intelligent error

4. it works with red hat linux 8.0 via rpm404 - should even still work
with 7.X ;) - let me know if it doesn't :)

daily is up at http://www.dulug.duke.edu/yum/download/

if this works ok I'll make it 0.9.3 and work on other stuff.

thanks all.


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