[Yum] Yum RFE

Dan Burcaw dburcaw at terrasoftsolutions.com
Sat Oct 12 06:02:13 UTC 2002

Hi all,

I apologize if this has been talked about.. but a really
swell feature would allow me to specify an alternate location
for the headers.

I've pushed apt-get on my users in the last 6 months, and just telling
them to move to yum would be... errr... rough :-)

So, I'd like to provide support for both. To do this I would
likely generate the approproriate repositories for each on my
master ftp server.  However, I'm concerned that having the
headers as a subdir inside the main packages directory would
cause some apt-get confusion.

Perhaps apt won't be confused... I haven't had a chance to test this
yet.. but still might be a nice feature.



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