[Yum] Upgrade in place succeeded, I think...

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Jun 18 17:34:19 UTC 2002

Just for the record, after removing the kdesktop devel librariy and
doing a yup into postfix (which managed the required swapping of
dependency without having to remove/reinstall the various components
that needed an MTA) the yum update seems to have worked.  I just
rebooted into 2.4.18 under 7.3.  I'll have to test the system for a
while, but so far it looks like all my disk is here which (given my
promise ATA 133 controller) is a Good Thing -- I'd been running a custom
kernel that barely supported the controller and performance was poor.

My bitchin' about dependencies and update vs upgrade aside, yum looks
lovely.  I think that I'll just proceed to rip through standing upgrades
of a few more hosts at home.

Hmmm, here's a question for the Gods.  The host I just updated is on my
home internal network, and it just got all the packages needed (that is,
pretty much all the packages any of my other hosts will needed) through
my DSL bottleneck, a process that took hours yesterday.  But now they
are here, of course.

Any suggestions on how I might "cheat" the upgrade of the rest of my
local hosts so they don't have to re-download rpms?  For example, I
could make an actual scp of the rpm's on the target host's
/var/cache/yum/server/packages.  Or I could export and make a rw,
no_root_squash mount of /var/cache/yum/server/packages from lucifer
(done) to archangel (waiting to be done) which might fool archangel into
thinking that it has the rpm's long enough to complete the update.  Or I
could move all the packages into a local repository and direct yum to
use it as a source, first, if it could, if I had any idea how or if it
could do such a thing.



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