[Yum] Gziped headers patch

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sat Jun 15 21:20:46 UTC 2002

On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 11:35, Grigory Bakunov wrote:
> Hello.
> I make a little patch to work with gziped headers for yum.
> patch attached.
> also i found another silly bug

thanks for the catch on the dumb bug.

about the gzip headers patch. I think I want to do 2 things differently.

1. I think -z would be a better command arg than -C - just to decrease
confusion. That seem ok?

2. I think adding YUM1 is just going to cause other levels of confusion.
So we can support both compressed and uncompressed headers how about
having a "yumheaders" dir and a "headers" dir. Alternatively we could
differentiate in the header file name  instead of: pkg-e-v-r.arch.hdr
have it be pkg-e-v-r.arch.zhdr

Then, you could have both types of headers in the headers/ dir on the
server and have a headers.info and/or a zheaders.info file.

In fact, that might be the easiest way. Create both compressed and
uncompressed by default (and it wouldn't take too long b/c other than
duke there are probably not many folks using it :) Just make a different
headers.info file and an attempt a getting of both when you first grab
the headers info file in yummain.get_package_info_from_servers(). If you
find zheaders, use it, if you don't then fall back to uncompressed

That way we're not adding anything to the rpm header.
I'm not certain but, I don't think the header will load properly with
YUM1 prepended to it. though it would be worth testing.

Thanks for the patch. That should work well (you even patched the man
page :)

> [root at black etc]# [root at black headers]# yum remove sane
> Gathering package information from servers
> Getting headers from: 7.3 main
> Finding updated packages
> Downloading needed headers
> Finding obsoleted packages
> Traceback (innermost last):
>   File "/usr/sbin/yum", line 24, in ?
>     yummain.main()
>   File "yummain.py", line 266, in main
>   File "yummain.py", line 115, in take_action
>   File "pkgaction.py", line 152, in erasepkgs
> NameError: errolog



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