[Yum] yum 0.8.6 testing

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Jun 14 00:58:57 UTC 2002

> ok how about a conceptual set of what the difference is between 0 and 1.
> 0 - an error has occurred in a normal operation causing the operation
> exit abnormally, or you are incorrectly requesting something and need to
> be told so.
> 1 - something has occurred which would be good to tell you about but is
> not a problem with a program but possibly a less-than-expected state.
> would that be a good conceptual separation?
> it seems to roughly fit with what you specified.

so, I liked this idea so much I did it.

errorlevel = # in the yum.conf file or
-e # on the command line.

number goes from 0-10 (though anything above 2 is downright silly)

it should do what you expect now, troy.

I'll make a tarball of it shortly.
the next thing on my todo list is comps-file parsing for package groups.

I have a second need for that tool do to comps-checking in the red hat
installation tree I maintain.

oh if any of y'all maintain a red hat-like install tree and are
interested there are some nifty tree maintenance tools at:


they are fairly straightforward and internally documented.


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