[Yum] code cleanup: one function in one source

Vladimir Bormotov bor at vb.dn.ua
Sun Jul 14 18:35:24 UTC 2002

		Hi, Michael!

>>>>> "MS" == Michael Stenner <mstenner at phy.duke.edu> writes:

>>  MS>    Sure, you could try and import the module and catch the exception,
>>  MS>    but I think it's cleaner to determine what platform you're on, and
>>  MS>    then import the appropriate modules and set up the functions
>>  MS>    appropriately.
>>  of course, try-import-except-import not so good.  But, again - yum not in
>>  this case, and local import in specific function no so good too.

 MS> I said multiple times that I wasn't addressing the specific examples
 MS> in yum.

 This is Yum-MailList and (IMHO) not yum-specific talks should be moved to
 another place.
>>  Look inside.  Any heavy modules?  Just say, which module we can classify
>>  as "heavy module". 

 MS> again... not talking about yum specifically.

 IMHO, "talk about where we need to place import statement in ANY Python
 project" is a time spending.  


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