[Yum] Yum for syncing with repository

Andrew Schretter schrett at math.duke.edu
Wed Aug 28 13:03:18 UTC 2002

Actaully, it really shouldn't matter how its presented, the same way
as "yum list" would be fine, since I would have to pipe it through a script
anyway.  Only go to the trouble of the -d things if you want it for all
the other list options...


On Aug 28,2002 00:26:34 -0400, seth vidal <skvidal at phy.duke.edu> wrote :
>On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 16:37, Andrew Schretter wrote:
>> I had mentioned this to Seth and wanted to bounce it around the list and
>> see if anyone objected to adding a small bit of functionality...
>> I propose an added list option, something like "yum list extra" that will
>> compare the list of installed RPMs with those in all repositories.  It will
>> then report any RPMs that are installed on the local system that are not
>> in the repositories.  It would only compare based on name, not on version.
>> The purpose of such an addition would be to help in syncronizing a system
>> with a repository where, for instance, packages are removed from the
>> repository.  Nightly you would run "yum install \*" then "yum list extra"
>> to find any packages installed that have been removed from the repository
>> so you can pipe the results to a script for removing the rpms.
>the scripting part could be tricky but not impossible - I think having a
>yum list not-from-repositories would be fine - it wouldn't add pain to
>the command line options b/c it is secondary argument to list and its
>not intrusive.
>the only difficult parts would be providing a good list for you in a
>sensible format.
>I was thinking maybe making the list pkgs command do intelligent things
>with the -d levels - so that if you do a -d 2 its the normal columned
>output, but -d 1 is csv'd list, that way its more parseable.
>and -d1 just lists package names, not ver-release stuff.
>anyone else think andrew's idea is worth any additional discussion? Its
>about 10, maybe 15 lines of code, I think. :)

Andrew Schretter
Mathematics Department
Duke University

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