[Yum] Excludes per-repository?

Joe Cooper joe at swelltech.com
Wed Aug 28 04:41:49 UTC 2002

Hi Seth and all,

I'm deploying yum for some of our clients, as an easy means to handle 
Red Hat updates and 7.3 release packages while simultaneously keeping up 
with our updates.  The three are kept in separate repositories (yay 
yum!), and things work well, except when packages overlap (uh oh...). 
We have no sure way of guaranteeing our custom packages are 'newer' than 
Red Hat versions short of using the abomination that is the version 
epoch.  Excludes as currently implemented would prevent our own updates 
from being installed, defeating the purpose.

A per-repository excludes directive would fix this for us, as would an 
'always-prefer' directive that forces packages to come from the 
preferred repository if versions are available in both.  Now that I'm 
thinking of it, the option to always give preferential treatment to 
packages from one or more specified repositories would be the better 
choice (with version then breaking a tie between two preferred 
repositories, if that isn't wishful thinking).

Is something to solve this problem already in there somewhere and I'm 
not seeing it, or do I need to get my Python hat on and figure something 
out myself?  (My Python hat is rather tiny, and doesn't fit very well, 
so the latter option will take a while.  Hints for where to start would 
be appreciated.  ;-)

Thanks for any pointers.
Joe Cooper <joe at swelltech.com>
Web caching appliances and support.

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