[Yum] future stuff, again

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Wed Aug 28 03:46:05 UTC 2002

> If you dislike standart module 'tempfile' you can use external module -
> http://www.carcosa.net/jason/software/python/pymkstemp/
> And don't forget - in Python2.2 this is not a problem cause in this
> version python include tempfile.TemporaryFile()

hmmm. I'm just being paranoid about creating security problems :)

> > 4. implement reget support that was sent in.
> YES!!!! :)

can you re-send that patch you submitted a while back - I want to look
at it again but I think I lost it.

> > Stuff I'd like to discuss for the devel branch:
> > 0. setup a public cvs server
> > 1. redo of some of the nevral to include file:// url support
> YES!!!!

yah I know - this one has been nagging at me - but I need to redo it so
urlretrieve plays nice - and I'd like to look at how urlretrieve works
in 2.2

> > 2. fix up/deal with/make saner urlgrab
> > 3. make it i18n compliant - so we could use different log stuff - I'm
> > going to have to figure out how to do this first :) I don't think it's
> > terribly hard but I don't know how to do it.
> Look at translate.py in yum distribution! :)
> And look like anaconda support i18n.

I will, I'd like to KNOW how it works better, not just thief some
working code. I know the anaconda stuff does it but I want to be comfy
with it first. just b/c this is a learning-experience for me :)

> > 4. Make the rpm callbacks prettier
> > 5. make yum-arch more intelligent about which headers it makes new -I
> > don't know if this will speed it up at  all, but its worth a shot
> What about server side dependences ?
> I realy like yum but up2date works MUCH faster on big repositories :(

Thats REALLY not in the scope of yum. The server-side would have to be
passed a lot of information. This is closer to what current does for
up2date and I'm not sure how you'd go about deciding that part.

The whole point of yum was to offload the the dep calculation to the
client and make the server-side load almost nonexistent - just file
services. In what situation are you seeing slowness?

I've done some profiling on yum and I know where the slow parts are, I
think, can you give me an example?

> I think what lilo.py, grubcfg.py, checkbootloader.py and bootloader.py 
> already doesn't need for yum cause new RH kernel* packages add records in 
> configs in %postinstall scripts

ah - but they don't make the new kernels the default - thats what the
grub stuff is for.

the lilo stuff, I agree should go away in the not-so-distant future -
but I think keeping the grub stuff to move the kernel around is wise.

> > 10. maybe a daemon that runs and polls for updates throughout the day -
> > no more reliance on cron :)
> It's not a good idea.
> In current state yum doesn't need any bloated servers etc. for work.

*boggle* didn't you just say you wanted a server a few lines up??? :)

> I start to code this but drop it.
> We need to make some of UI abstraction - then it's realy easy to write.
> I mean something like UI class with methods like
> 	showPackagesList(...)
> 	askYesOrNo(...)
> etc.
> I can do it if you like idea.

I think the work for i18n will help this some too - b/c I'll have to
playing with the strings anyway. I just need to learn more about how
this should be done, really get my head around it.
> Once again - server side dependencs :)

once again - what do you mean?


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