[Yum] Yum for syncing with repository

Andrew Schretter schrett at math.duke.edu
Tue Aug 27 20:37:19 UTC 2002

I had mentioned this to Seth and wanted to bounce it around the list and
see if anyone objected to adding a small bit of functionality...

I propose an added list option, something like "yum list extra" that will
compare the list of installed RPMs with those in all repositories.  It will
then report any RPMs that are installed on the local system that are not
in the repositories.  It would only compare based on name, not on version.

The purpose of such an addition would be to help in syncronizing a system
with a repository where, for instance, packages are removed from the
repository.  Nightly you would run "yum install \*" then "yum list extra"
to find any packages installed that have been removed from the repository
so you can pipe the results to a script for removing the rpms.

It would also be nice to find what packages you have installed yourself that
are not maintained in the repository.

Anyone object to this type of function, find it redundant/useless, or have
a better way to get this information?

Andrew Schretter
Systems Programmer, Duke University
Dept. of Mathematics (919) 660-2866

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