[Yum] Yum features

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Aug 2 18:33:35 UTC 2002

> Below is the next batch of feature requests.
> Feature Requests
>    Have some option so that yum just looks at it's cache instead of going to 
> the server and checking the headers again.

I'd like to do this too. I think that portion of the code is broken up
in such a way to make possible. I've been busy with beginning of year
stuff at duke so I've been slacking on yum pretty greatly.

>    Somehow get the local headers smaller, maybe keep them gziped after the 
> download, or put them all in one big gzipped tarball.  They just get rather 
> large when you have alot of them.

 they are gzipped, and they stay that way, they never get opened up.

How big are yours getting? mine are staying at about 8M for all of rhl
7.3 + some internal pkgs.

>    yum list [option]
>       options to have
>         all - Everything that there is, whether installed already or not. 
> What would be really nice would be something in a few collumns.  One column 
> that says what there is in the repository, the second column for if that 
> package is already installed, and the third column that says some type of 
> status, like 'same', 'upgradeable', 'notinstalled' or something.
>          upgrade - List all of the packages that are already installed but can 
> be upgraded.  You could do two coloumns here as well, with new and current 
> version.
>          install - List all the packages that arn't installed and can be 
> installed.
>          ui - list packages that can be upgraded and/or installed.  (What yum 
> does now).  But have them in the columns like we have for all.

yum list - lists all available - update or otherwise
yum list updates - lists just updates

so you want one more that only lists stuff that is NOT an update?


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