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Marcin Dulak marcin.dulak at
Thu Feb 16 14:36:21 UTC 2017


good question: is it possible at all to get the list of all
removed/installed/modified files belonging to an RPM which includes
scriptlets which handle those files?
How one can list the affected files (ignoring the files handled by
scriptlets) when an RPM is removed?

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On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 3:04 PM, Stefano Zamboni <tdidsg at> wrote:

> hi all, new to this list and not a yum guru
> a little premise: I'm working on a centos derived distro (Koozali SME
> server)
> we have a plugin to execute some tasks during yum transaction and, if some
> kind of rpms is installed/updated/removed, we ask users to reboot the
> server.
> this is bad and I'm trying to solve the issue
> so far, I created a patch to our plugin that almost works, but I didn't
> manage in retireving the list of removed files when a package is removed..
> tried to search with google with no luck (maybe I miss the search keys)..
> do you have any example?
> Stefano
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