need way to distinguish fedora product/flavor in mirror logs

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Nov 3 13:53:22 UTC 2014

Fedora Cloud, Server, and Workstation were previously configured to
access individual repo trees, but that was dropped at the last minute,
so they're all hitting the same repo URL.

It would be very valuable to have a way to distinguish whether a
yum/mirrormanager requests are coming from cloud, server, workstation,
or non-product. (This basically comes down to the presence of a
fedora-release-$product rpm.) I can think of a number of ways, ranging
from custom http headers to extra URL information. 

Any ideas?

(This will also be needed for DNF in the future, and whatever backend
GNOME Software is using too.)

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Fedora Project Leader  mattdm at  <> 

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