[PATCH 2/3] Make yum-{daily, hourly}.cron.sh use independent lockfiles.

Zdenek Pavlas zpavlas at redhat.com
Thu Jan 16 15:42:50 UTC 2014

>  yeh, I know you mean the cron service lock. But if they don't share the
> service lock then they'll almost immediately hit the yum lock underneath
> anyway and exit.

How could that work?  Cron does not use the lock files at all, it can't
serialize anything.. I'm sure hourly and daily yum-cron jobs have already
competed for the yum.pid lock. OTOH, random sleep should help a lot there.

> Or we could have the loop inside acquireLock() (the problem here is that 
> we'd have to be careful we don't stay around forever if someone leaves
> a root "yum" around).

Yes, there should be few retries, say 1 minute apart, to reduce the number
of lock failures.

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