[PATCH] Remove emitCheckFailed(), change it to logger.error(). BZ 1048391

James Antill james at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jan 7 04:02:19 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-01-06 at 09:06 -0500, Zdenek Pavlas wrote:
> > Make acquireLock() respect debuglevel.
> ACK. If the user does not want to see errors this should go away,
> as it's not critical and (likely) just temporary.

 Yeh, I think this is another part of the yum-cron problems people have
where they want to know about XYZ but don't want to come back from a
weekend to 50 notices about XYZ (Eg. updates that need applying, or
locks that happen to have been held when yum-cron ran).
 But the good fix involves storing some state somewhere, and is
non-trivial :(. Saying that it's an easier fix with the new yum-cron
than the old.

> > -            self.emitLockFailed("%s" % e)
> > +            self.logger.error("Failed to acquire the yum lock with the
> > following error message: \n%s", e)
> Now I see it's multiline.. should avoid that in log output.
> "Failed to acquire the yum lock: %s" is probably more than enough.

 Having the user disable all error messages seems unlikely to be a good
enough hack ... as a hack that might be enough maybe just a config.
option to not display this error at all?
 It's still pretty horrible, as I imagine most sysadmins would want to
know if yum-cron hadn't been able to run for a day or more ... but the
third option that comes to mind is to just close it as WONTFIX.

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