new feature for mounting a read-only root filesystem rw after yum initialization and read-only after yum exits

James Antill james at
Thu Jan 2 20:13:35 UTC 2014

On Sat, 2013-12-28 at 22:56 +0200, george Nopicture wrote:
> Hi. Since i am coming from debian this is a feauture that i am missing 
> in fedora and after some googling i didn't find anything already 
> implemented.
> I would like to receive some feedback for implementing such a feature. 
> What i 've done so far:

 I'm not opposed to it, but it might be tricker than just putting
remounts around the transaction (Eg. the rpmdb locks and yum locks, and
 How much have you tested it? Is there any way you can make it not just
use os.popen? Is there a way you can do a check for how the mountpoint
is mounted?
 Having a configuration of the mount points to remount seems like it'd
be a requirement.

> ------------------------------
> what i didn't find so far is the code where yum actually writes the 
> /etc/yum.conf file for the first time in order to put an option there 
> too (mountreadwrite).

 There's a yum.conf shipped in etc, distros. can ship a different
version too. For something like this though I wouldn't think it'd need
to be pointed out in the yum.conf (the people who want to use it will
seek it out, and others won't care). 

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