[Yum-devel] [PATCH] support socks4/5 proxies

Pekka Pietikäinen pp at ee.oulu.fi
Mon May 20 21:52:07 UTC 2013

On 4/19/13 11:21 AM, Terje Røsten wrote:
> James Antill
>> O 1) If we ever move away from curl,
> Is there any reason to do this?
pycurl upstream seems to be inactive, which may cause problems in the 
future (curl itself is actively maintained, tho)...

Not that there's anything else that's completely suitable out there 
either (requests or a future version of the python standard library I 
guess, even 3.x wouldn't do the trick at the moment, I believe...).

Oh btw, for testing you can use ssh -D <port> box-outside-firewall. 
That's a socks5 proxy too, and very useful for temporarily getting 
around firewalls ;)

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