[Yum-devel] [PATCH] drpm retry: add RPM sizes to total size. BZ 959786

Zdenek Pavlas zpavlas at redhat.com
Thu May 16 08:25:39 UTC 2013

>  Seems like it should solve the problem, but might be worth changing
> some variable names to make it clearer (10+ yr maintenance ftw :).
>  Added some comments inline you might want to look at, but ACK anyway.

Added a comment, and fixed beg_download time setting, too.

> > +        all_tries = remote_pkgs
>  Maybe all_remote_pkgs and use remote_pkgs[:], so we don't accidentally
> do anything to it?

callback_total() is the only user, and it definitely should not modify it.
And when we modify remote_pkgs, it's a new copy anyway.

> >              # there were drpm related errors *only*
> >              remote_pkgs = []
> > -            remote_size = 0
>  Having these with the "same" name but different scope lifetimes is kind
> of annoying, but then renaming the later seems like some decent code
> churn too :(.

I see.  Looking at it some more, we seem to need the original semantic
of remote_pkgs at least there:

    elif not (i == 1 and not local_size[0] and remote_size == po.size):

So, I've kept remote_size and added all_remote_size instead.

         beg_download = time.time()
         all_remote_pkgs = remote_pkgs
+        all_remote_size = remote_size
         while True:
             #  This is kind of a hack and does nothing in non-Fedora versions,
@@ -2408,16 +2409,18 @@ much more problems).
             # there were drpm related errors *only*
             remote_pkgs = []
+            remote_size = 0
             for po in errors:
                 po = po.rpm
                 remote_size += po.size
             # callback_total needs the total pkg count
+            all_remote_size += remote_size
             self.verbose_logger.warn(_('Some delta RPMs failed to download or rebuild. Retrying..'))
         if callback_total and not errors:
-            callback_total(all_remote_pkgs, remote_size, beg_download)
+            callback_total(all_remote_pkgs, all_remote_size, beg_download)
         if not downloadonly:
             # XXX: Run unlocked?  Skip this for now..

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