[Yum-devel] Yum: faster bash completion of available packages

Zdenek Pavlas zpavlas at redhat.com
Fri Apr 5 12:13:39 UTC 2013


People were complaining that yum autocompletion of package names
is very slow (Bug 919852).  Now there's a shortcut that (if enabled)
makes it much faster.  However, the behavior changes slightly:

- disabled but cached repositories are used
- configured package excludes are not honored
- all arches that are available are suggested
- there's no installed/available package split

It's now in F19 and rawhide, but DISABLED, due to the above.
To enable it, just set YUM_CACHEDIR env variable to the path
where repository metadata are stored- usually /var/cache/yum.

Feedback is very welcome, so we can decide whether to scrap
this or enable by default.


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