[Yum-devel] is there a bug with the exactarch option?

James Antill james at fedoraproject.org
Wed Apr 4 13:28:26 UTC 2012

On Sat, 2012-03-31 at 00:27 +0200, Andy wrote:
> James Antill wrote:
> >
> >  No, that's not how it works. Look at the Fedora/etc. repos. the
> > canonical way to set it up is:
> > 
> > Blah/i386
> > foo.i386
> > libfoo.i386
> > 
> > Blah/x86_64
> > foo.x86_64
> > libfoo.x86_64
> > libfoo.i386
> Yes, I am aware of this commonly used structure. The reason why I didn't use
> it is because it is a huge waste of disk space and I only have limited space
> available.

 symlinks or hard links will solve that.

> The structure that I'm using works perfectly fine, with the exception of this
> specific yum issue that I started this mail thread for.

 Yes, it's fine, apart from the cases where it doesn't work.

> >  if you have "foo" package which is available as foo.i686 and
> > foo.x86_64, then _never_ release a newer version of foo for just
> > foo.i686
> I realise that given the existence of this yum bug, from now on I will have to
> absolutely avoid having differing package versions.

 As I said, it's just a really bad idea anyway.

> >  You also need to consider installs, in the above case do you want "yum
> > install foo" to install foo-1.x86_64 ... because I'm pretty sure
> > basically everyone will consider that a bug.
> Installs are a different matter

 No, not really. A lot of people would consider it really broken to have
install give you something different than install+upgrade.

> But of course IMHO when yum figures out dependencies for an install, it should
> only consider dependencies from the same arch.

 And, again, lots of people would disagree. Yum already prioritizes
providers from the same arch, ignoring other providers completely would
just cause N bug reports.

> Back to the 'exactarch' option:
> Is there any chance the 'exactarch' can be fixed (in future yum releases) to
> work as specified in the yum.conf man page, i.e. when set to '1' to only
> update packages with newer versions of the exact same arch?

 The man page for the option tries to explain what it does now, so the
code really doesn't need to be fixed.
 It's possible that we could add an option to do what you want, but it
seems a lot easier to just fix your repos.

> If that's not doable then I think at the very least the man page should be
> updated to avoid confusing users with regards to what 'exactarch' does.

 Feel free to post a man page patch with updated wording.

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