[Yum-devel] Implementing delta metadata

Tirtha Chatterjee tirtha.p.chatterjee at gmail.com
Sun Sep 25 22:03:54 UTC 2011


I frequently face this problem with yum where i need to install a
package, and it starts updating all the repo data at once. Since I am
mostly behind a slow internet connection, this is all the more
frustrating. I read up http://yum.baseurl.org/wiki/YumFuture , and it
says here that there are plans to serve metadata delta to reduce the
download. Also, the large databases can be intelligently broken up
into smaller pieces (easier to download), so that when i try to
install a package starting with 'a', only the repodata for all the
packages starting with 'a' gets downloaded and synced [this was a
crude example, but conveys the idea].

I am willing to work on both of these features. I have read the source
code of createrepo and yum roughly, and am confident I'll be able to
make this happen. I'd be glad if someone with ample experience in the
codebase steps forward to guide me.

Also, comments / feedback is invited. Please reply.

Tirtha Chatterjee

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